Tuesday, February 21, 2012

7th Grade Goes to CSU!

It's that time of the quarter!  This time around our 7th grade Atlas Preparatory Scholars had the pleasure of visiting the Colorado State University campus on February 8th. Greeted by CSU student tour guides, Atlas students were introduced to the college campus and got an inside look at what a college student's life might be like on a daily basis. Atlas students were shown a real college dormitory room as well as some of the places college students hang out while they are not in class or studying.

Too much fun? No way!
A highlight of the day included a couple of science lab experiments with the CSU Little Shop of Physics. The scholars were led by CSU students through a series of physics tests and learned about infrared light waves. They even tested their fellow Atlas students through a series of EKG tests!  

It was a fantastic opportunity for the Atlas Preparatory Scholars to experience what college is like and what they continue to work towards as Atlas Scholars.

Thank you to again to the staff and student tour guides at Colorado State University! Also a big thanks to the 7th grade Atlas staff and all their help to make this a great experience for our 7th graders!


After School Program Coordinator Kaili Purviance started as a substitute teacher but fell in love with the Atlas environment and wanted more!  He has a BA in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin with a strong background in entrepreneurship. Mr. Purviance believes that all students deserve access to a quality education that gives them the tools to be successful adults.

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